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Presents the roof types to Weston in South Florida

Miami Roofing A simply supported beam is supported at both ends with loads applied between the supports. This style of roofing can be seen in Miami along the water ways and at some of the older amphitheaters

A combination of two or more hip roofs this roof sytle is very popular in florida. Allowing most of the protection that a true hip roof provides and some more freedom of design. The hip roof with valleys is a good cobinatio to have in hurricane regions. It holds up much better to high winds. In areas like the Gulf Coast of the Southeastern United States, that are subject to high wind loadings and strict construction codes this could be a factor in deciding which type of roof to build. If the slope of the roof from horizontal is 35 degrees or greater it will reduce/eliminate the airfoil effect of extreme high winds that blow over the roof and a hip roof is far less likely to peel off the house than a gable end roof. To this end, since 2001 the State of Florida has required windstorm insurance companies to offer a premium discount to customers who can prove they have a hip roof, which they do by obtaining a windstorm inspection. Good Miami Roofing companies know the hip roof also exhibits increased survivability in tornadic winds and huricanes. Another advantage of a hip roof is that it has eaves all round. These protect the walls from the weather and help to shade the walls (and the windows in them) from the sun, thus reducing the power needed to cool the structure in South Florida. A gable roof does not shade the walls at the gables, so in South Florida they should be oriented to minimize exposure or have shade trees to block the sun from the exposed gable.

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