JW Roofing From the Beginning

April 28, 2011Posted by Jay


Our family's ties to roofing and construction begin in Tennessee in 1928. Then during the 1950's, the family business branched out and started building beautiful custom homes in South Florida. Today, award winning JW Roofing is ready to meet all of your roofing needs from residential roofing to large commercial warehouses. If you need a roofer from Broward to South Miami, we are here to help. Please call JW Roofing at (305) 825-4207

Roofing AccoladesRoofing Award

After hurricane Wilma hit South Florida, damage and work was abundant. Instead of charging outrageous prices and taking all the easy jobs, JW Roofing decided to work with the No Blue Roof charity in Miami-Dade County to help hundreds of elderly, veterans and needy families to get new roofs or roof repairs. Of the thousands of roofing contractors from across the state, only ten offered to help the charity. JW Roofing is proud to have been one of the select few who chose to help when people needed it most.

The Golden Hammer Award

This award was started by a handful of exceptional local contractors when the conversation turned to how few people ever see how hard they worked on the things that get covered up when the job is finished. Things like house framing, electrical wiring and roof underlayment. These things are a matter of personal pride, because only the contractor, the crew and the inspector ever look at these details closely enough to know that we did a great job. So we had a contest to show the best hidden work to each other and let everyone vote on the nicest work. The rules were simple, the work had to be exceptional. something that would be covered up never to be seen again and you could not vote for your own project. JW Roofing was very pleased when a group of our peers, whom we respect, picked our work.

We Honor Those Who Serve

April 14, 2020Posted by Jay


The owners of JW Roofing wish to extend their sincere thanks to the servicemen and women of our Armed Forces and to the parents who raised such fine citizens. If you have ever been a member of the armed services or are the parents of an active duty serviceman or woman, please let our estimator know so that we can say thank you and offer you a discount.


Church and Synagogue Discounts

April 24, 2011Posted by Jay


We appreciate the dedication and selflessness of the people who lead in our churches and synagogues. Their contributions to the community cannot be measured as they have rippling effects of goodness that may not be known for years to come. The owners of JW Roofing offer their local churches and synagogues a discount on all roofing and roof repair jobs. Have a Great Day!


Roofers Who Specialize in Quality Roofs

April 19, 2011Posted by Jay


JW Roofing's roofing contractors specialize in high quality custom roofs. Years of quality commercial and residential roofing service in Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines, Doral, The City of Miami, Miami Shores and the rest of South Florida has given us the best reputation in the industry. Our stellar reputation is built one satisfied customer at a time. If you are considering a new roof, a re-roofing, or a flat roof restoration job in South Florida, please call us for an estimate. We will provide you with several pricing options and a great roofing experience! We have great roof options for your house, condo, or luxury home. You can choose a Miami Tile Roof, a Broward Shingle Roof or a safe Metal Roof on Miami Beach. JW Roofing uses the best brands for our roof installations. We have two State Certified General Contractors on staff and one of the best State Certified Roofing Contractors in Florida. Our roofing contractor scored one of the highest scores ever achieved on the State Exam. His knowledge of roofing is unmatched in the area. Choose JW Roofing, the best roofing company in South Florida, to protect your roof, your home and your family. We are your best choice for a Miramar Roofer, and are renowned across Miami for our quality roofing systems. There are many good roofing companies, at JW Roofing we strive to the best and build our business off of referrals and quality work.