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JW Roofing is a premier Miami based residential and commercial roofing company. JW Roofing is renowned for their beautiful installs of custom handmade barrel tile. JW Roofing is committed to spreading the benefits of energy efficient roofing. We offer dozens of options for Energy Star rated tile, flat and shingle Roofing products to keep your roof and home cool. A JW roof can save you money by reflecting the South Florida sun away from your roof and home. Our family began roofing in Tennessee in 1928. During the 50’s, the family business branched out and started building beautiful custom homes in South Florida. Today, award winning, JW Roofing is ready to meet all of your roofing needs from residential roofing to large commercial warehouses. We also offer competitively priced shingle, flat and tile roof repair services and roof maintenance. We install beautiful energy efficient tile roofs and great looking economical shingle roofs. If you need a Miami roofer or a Broward Roofing Contractor, please call JW Roofing

Quality Miami Roofing

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JW Roofing is renowned for their installation of modern roofing systems for your home or business, but one of our favorite types of roofing is the restoration of historic homes and buildings. Our contractors make sure the roof accurately reflects the look of the homes’ historical period while meeting current code. Another one of our specialties is custom roofing for estates -- we make the vision of our customer, architect and designers come true. We work with them on every detail, from the color of the mortar used to set the handmade barrel tile, to the use of decorative ceramic inserts above the weep holes. On our handmade barrel tile roof installs, we will even sort through thousands of tiles selecting individual handmade barrel tile to enhance the color blends for that particular roofing project. We work with several architects, and they often call us for our professional roofing opinion concerning the best roof to install for the particular building or design.

The biggest and best homes in Miami Beach and Boca Raton choose JW Roofing, but no matter the size of your home, our goal is to protect you and your family with a strong safe roof. We are equally adept at roofing a small garage addition, a pool house, or a cozy home. Check with your insurance company to see what savings you might receive by having us replace your old roof with a new one that meets the current Miami-Dade codes. Many customers have saved thousands of dollars on insurance. We also offer many ways to save commercial building owners on roof maintenance, installation, and roof restoration.

Our quality work can be seen on historical homes, time period accurate roof restorations, cozy single-family homes, sprawling estates, large commercial spaces, and shopping centers. We also have services for restoring ten to fifteen year old flat roofs to add more life to them. These are a few of the high quality services that JW Roofing offers our clients. We do not try to be the cheapest company. There are dozens of companies that go after the cheap market. We look for educated clients who know and expect quality roofing to protect their family and their property.

Our goal to provide exceptional service, to use the best materials and to install great roofs.

From small details like pre-painted drip edge, so you don’t have to paint it later, to our standard policy of using an extra layer of waterproofing underlayment, or how we exceed the code for Dade-County nailing requirements, We are proud of our high quality work. JW Roofing has skilled craftsmen and woodworking experts to handle high-end custom woodwork. In addition to one of the most knowledgeable State Certified roofing contractors, we also have two State Certified General Contractors on our staff that enable us to handle structural issues when the need arises. Our team takes pride in the work we do. Our customers are proud of having chosen us, and you will be too.

If you need a roof from Broward to South Miami, we welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

Please visit our gallery to see the best roofs in Miami or call JW Roofing at: (305) 825-4207

Miami Roofing


There are over 35 municipalities in Miami-Dade County. Many have their own rules and regulations over and above county and state regulations. Knowing the differences in the requirements that each city has makes the difference between a great Miami roofing company and the rest. For example, cities like Bal Harbour need to review products before they go on the roof so they can be sure that they fit in with the neighborhood. Cities like Miami Shores require tile to be installed instead of shingles. This gives the community a consistent look and feel that some love. Miami Lakes also had a tile only rule, but recently updated to allow metal. Cities like el portal only have inspections twice a week. Some cities subcontract inspectors and share those inspectors with other cities. For example Miami Springs and Miami Lakes often have the same inspector. Dade County has their inspections online, so you know within ten minutes the schedule of the inspectors. Others give a six hour window. Knowing these details helps protect the customer from problems and hassles. Some cities require a ladder to be in place before the inspector arrives, others bring their own. We try to assist the inspectors by ensuring that there is a ladder ready for them when they arrive. Over the years, dozens of inspectors have seen the quality of our work and regularly tell us that they wish there were more Miami Roofing companies like us. Quality work, the best materials, and attention to detail separate us from the ordinary Miami Roofing Companies. These are just a few of the reasons that we are the miami roofer of choice for clients who want the very best protection for their property.

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Fort Lauderdale Quality Roofing


JW Roofing's State Certified Roofing contractors specialize in high quality custom work.  Years of quality commercial and residential roofing service in Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines, Doral, the City of Miami, Country Club of Miami, Miami Shores and the rest of South Florida has given us the best reputation in the industry.  Our stellar reputation is built one satisfied customer at a time. We cover the great tile roofs of Weston, South to the classic roofs of Coral Gables. If you are considering a new roof, a re-roofing, or a flat roof restoration job in South Florida, please call us for an estimate.  We will provide you with several pricing options and a great roofing experience!  We have great roof options for your house, condo, or luxury home. You can choose a Miami Tile Roof, a Broward Shingle Roof or a safe Miami Beach Metal Roof. We uses the best brands for our installations. We have two State Certified General Contractors on staff and one of the best State Certified Roofing Contractors in Florida.  Our contractor's score on the State Exam was one of the highest scores ever.  His knowledge of roofing is unmatched in the area. When recommending our web page, be sure to type www.jwroof.com that's JW Roof, without the "ing". Please Note: Free estimates are for homeowners only. If you are buying a home, JW roofing can provide an estimate with a roof review for a reasonable fee. We can also recommend a great home inspector.

Choose JW Roofing, the best roofing company in South Florida, LICENSE #CCC1327185 to protect, your home and your family.