The Few, the Proud, the Recommended


Over the years, while working on various commercial and residential roofs, we have had the privilege to repeatedly work with a few companies and individuals that consistently demonstrate a high work ethic and quality.
These are people and companies that we can highly recommend. Please note that no amount of money will add a person or company to this list. Only by demonstrating long term, consistent, quality work, will a person or business earn a spot on this page.

Gainesville Custom Home Remodeling

If you need a beautiful custom home or remodeling in the greater Gainesville area, you will not find a better builder than my cousin, Bill Delaney. JW Roofing is proud to recommend our family at: Square D Homes, Inc

Buy a home with Becky Diaz

I met Ms. Diaz, a few years ago and was impressed by her good nature and work ethic. If you need a home , please consider: Dealing with Diaz

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Wake up Positively

Read about the adventure of the Rest Rise Grow Team as they blog about creating their first successfully launched iPhone app. The app helps you sleep better and wake up in a more positive mood. Rest Rise Grow Blog

Miami Luxury Homes Builder

Luis Bosch, specializes in new construction and remodeling of luxury, single-family homes as well as interior construction and finishing condominiums.  Please see his homes at: Bosch Construction

Interior Design Miami

Wade Hallock is South Florida’s premier interior designer and an FSU graduate! He searches for the perfect combination of materials and concepts. His interior design can be seen in the best homes and businesses from New York to Miami Beach. Please see his work at: Hallock Design Group

Call JW Roofing for your Miami roofing at: (305)825-4207

Roofers who specialize in quality roofs

April 24, 2014Posted by Jay


JW Roofing's roofing contractors specialize in high quality custom roofs.  Years of quality commercial and residential roofing service in Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines, Doral, The City of Miami, Miami Shores and the rest of South Florida has given us the best reputation in the industry.  Our stellar reputation is built one satisfied customer at a time.  If you are considering a new roof, a re-roofing, or a flat roof restoration job in South Florida, please call us for an estimate.  We will provide you with several pricing options and a great roofing experience!  We have great roof options for your house, condo, or luxury home. You can choose a Miami Tile Roof, a Broward Shingle Roof or a safe Metal Roof on Miami Beach. JW Roofing uses the best brands for our roof installations. We have two State Certified General Contractors on staff and one of the best State Certified Roofing Contractors in Florida.  Our roofing contractor scored one of the highest scores ever achieved on the State Exam.  His knowledge of roofing is unmatched in the area.  Choose JW Roofing, the best roofing company in South Florida, to protect your roof, your home and your family.